Charges/Regulations for Breakfast/Lunch/Dinner

  • Breakfast rate will be Rs. 50/- and fixed menu as displayed in the Guest house will only be available out of which the choice can be given.

  • The rate of tea/coffee shall be Rs.10/-.

  • The rate for lunch/dinner shall be Rs. 80/- which shall consist of normal items and details are displayed at the Guest house notice board.

  • The snacks as displayed on the notice board can be ordered and shall be charged as per the fixed rates.

  • The CEO is authorized to make changes from time to time as per the exigencies of the situation which shall have to be adhered to by the occupants.

  • Any other items as desired by the occupants can be got prepared by paying the charges as fixed from time to time.

  • The timings for the breakfast, lunch and dinner are to be strictly followed by the occupants.

  • Rs.40/- per day per room will be charged as Heater Charges & Rs.40/- per day as cable/TV charges.