1. . He will be responsible for sanitation including sweeping, cleaning of drains removal of noxious vegetation, control of epidemic, control of nuisance and all such factors which have an impact over environmental sanitation.
  2. 2. To observe the roll call and maintain necessary record of all employees working under his control.
  3. 3. To distribute the work to the supervisors and safaikarmcharis.
  4. 4. He will maintain the beat distribution record and make transfer in consultation with Chief Executive officer.
  5. 5. Detailment of Chowkidar to ensure watch and ward of properties.
  6. 6. To maintain the record the conservancy vehicle and other mechanical fleet.
  7. 7. To assist in removal of unauthorized construction and encroachment.
  8. 8. To maintain the trenching ground as per prevailing laws of pollution control.
  9. 9. To maintain record of birth and death, issue birth/death certificates and submission of reports and returns.
  10. 10.To perform such other duties as entrusted by the Chief Executive officer.