1. 1. To maintain the demand and collection register, other registers/documents as per the Cantonment Act and rules made there under regarding the tax and revenue.
  1. 2. Recovery of all tax, revenue, contract amount, fee and charges & other revenue as imposed within the limits of Cantonment.
  1. 3. Preparation of assessment list and revision thereof within the prescribed time limit of 03 years.
  1. 4. Revision of Tax and license fee and other various revenue as per provisions of the Act.
  1. 5. Deals with correspondence and litigations pertaining to composition, assessment, recovery, refund etc.
  1. 6. Deals with the recovery of service charges, amount under conservancy agreement and disposes audit objections of revenue section.
  1. 7. For purpose of recovery deals with demand notices, distress and of as per provisions and orders of Chief Executive Officer.
  1. 8. Monthly/Quarterly/Annual returns or statement pertaining to revenue section.
  1. 9. Prepares the statement of current demand and arrears.
  1. 10. Deals with the issue of token for riksha, hackney carriages and dog etc.
  1. 11. Maintenance records and issue of Trade license under section 277 of Cantonment Act.
  1. 12. Recovers the slaughter house fee, land proceeds, income from properties and misc. dues.
  1. 13. To submit report regarding the unlicensed trades and activities pertaining to revenue section.
  1. 14. To receive cash and cheques and deposit the same into Cantonment Fund account
  1. 15. To maintain subsidiary cash book.
  1. 16. To process and maintain the record of allotment of Cantonment Fund accommodation of the employees.
  1. Any other duty assigned by the Chief Executive Officer.