1. To scrutinize and deal with application under section 252, 257,261 and applications for erection/re-erection of building under section 235 of the Act..

2. To supervise the public works executed by the Cantonment Board and ensure quality and quantity. Measurement of work after complying necessary provisions and proper record such as work register, immovable property register and recommending the payment.

3. Detection and control of unauthorized constructions and encroachment. Demolition of both as and when directed by the Chief Executive Officer.

4. To maintain various record of engineering and land section, submission of reports and returns, preparation of estimates of public works, preparation of agenda, action on Board resolutions and safe custody of work register,movable property register, GLR registers, GLR plan and various other documents in engineering section.

5. To report any building or structure which poses danger under section 297 of the Act.

6. To supervise all Cantonment Board lands buildings and boundary pillars.

7. To deal with cases and correspondence under CLAR 1937, CPR 1925 complementary land rules and policies, transfer of property Act, PPE Act 1971 and prepare narratives, suits and draft reply of suits

8. To process application regarding transfer of properties in assessment register, mutations and free hold cases.

9. To maintain the stastics on land lease, unauthorized construction, encroachment for. Reply to parliament questions and VIP references.

10. To initiate proceedings, file prosecution, calculate damages on unauthorized occupation, issue notices under various provisions of the Act.

Any other duty as may be entrusted by the Chief Executive officer.

Prepare plans of water harvesting and conservation