1. 1. To exercise Gen. supervision over the Office work and report any delay or irregularity indisposal thereof.

  2. 2. To ensure timely disposal of correspondence from higher authorities in particular and other in General.

  3. 3. He will ensure timely submission of periodicals reports, returns statements and preparation of agenda.

  4. 4. He will advice the Chief Executive officer on various matters including savings to be effective and initiate proposals regarding establishment, taxation, development work and administration.

  5. 5. He will supervise the development works and particularly original work and put up fortnight progress report.

  6. 6. He will prepare the annual Health report and Annual Administration report.

  7. 7. He will deal with all disciplinary cases of the employee.

  8. 8. He will ensure compliance to the instructions/suggestion contended in the annual inspection report.

  9. 9. To ensure reply and disposal of out standing audit objections.

  10. 10. He will mark dak and sign on registered, cover etc. delivered in office.

  11. 11. He will deal with confidential correspondence, annual confidential report and sign ordinary correspondence.

  12. 12. He will draft important letters correspondence related with and the Board proceedings & disposal of Cantonment Board proceedings.

  13. 13. He will arrange for nomination of members and elections of the Cantonment Board.

  14. 14. He will ensure that anything in the office and its compound is neat tidy and kept in order.

  15. 15. He will scrutinize all papers and initial them before the same are placed to the Chief Executive officer for signature.

  16. 16. He is incharge of Office Telephone.

  17. 17. The draft prepared by various sections will be corrected and put up.

  18. 18. He will perform such other duties as may be entrusted by the Chief Executive officer.

Shri Tejbali


  1. 1. To prepare Budget Estimates of the Board and reappropriation statement.

  2. 2. To check all bill and documents pertaining to the payment and prepare the pay/pension bills.

  3. 3. To maintain Gen. Cash Book, pension cash book and all other ledgers as prescribed under the Cantonment Account code.

  4. 4. To prepare pension cases and workout retirement benefit as well as proposals for final sanction.

  5. 5. To maintain the record of pensioners, family pensioner as per the pension rules.

  6. 6. To maintain GPF ledger, record of subscription and issue annual statement of GPF to all employee.

  7. 7. To maintain the record of New Pension Scheme.

  8. 8. To maintain service book and personal files of all staff except conservancy staff.

  9. 9. To perform such other duties as entrusted by Chief Executive officer.