The hospital has following facilities :-
  • Registration room
  • O. P. D. units
  • Injection room
  • Separate X-Ray room
  • Room for Ultrasound with dark room
  • Primary Health Unit run by State Govt.
  • Delivery room
  • Indoor wards
  • Operation theatre
  • Duty room for staff


Phase-I of sewerage scheme laying of sewer lines in civil area of sadar bazaar has been completed costing Rs. 119 lacs. The proposal of interconnection of houses has been completed under which only intermediary chambers and pipe line work for connecting intermediary chamber to main sewer line chambers has carried out. A project on STP by taking into account 1 mld. sewage discharge of civil area has been approved by the Cantonment Board and sanctioned by the Principal Director, Defence Estates, Central Command, Lucknow amounting to Rs.158.90 Lacs. The houses waste / sewer discharged from septic tanks have been connected into the laid sewer lines to the tune of Rs.23.65 lac out of the above sanctioned amount as resolved by the Board vide C.B.R.No.28 dated 30.04.2008. The S.T.P. work as per C.B.R. No. 38 dated 24.09.2008, the department of civil engineering B.H.U., Varanasi as well as Ganga Pollution and Prevention Unit of U.P. Jal Nigam have been requested to submit the detail project report so that Sewerage Scheme may be completed at the earliest.

Under water supply re-organization scheme to provide drinking water to civil population of Cantonment area an overhead water storage tank of 1800 KL capacity and rising main line work for filling of OHT with existing three tube wells.