On receipt of complaints from citizens, the work will be carried within :-

Work Duration Contact
Filling of pot holes Two days J. E.
Patch repairs Two weeks J. E.
Removal of obstructions on roads One working day J. E.
Replacement of missing manhole covers Two working days J. E.
Removal of malba from public land by owner Notice to owner within 48 hours by the sanitation department S. I.
Removal of malba by Cantt. Board, If owner fails to comply with notice One week after issue of notice S. I.
Decision on permission for road cut Seven days after deposit of road cutting charges J. E.
Total road length 12.137 km.  

Residents of an area may approach office of Cantonment Board Varanasi for following complaints

  • 1. Patch repairs
  • 2. Removal of any obstructions on road
  • 3. Replacement of missing manhole covers, gully gratings
  • 4. Malba on public road
  • 5. Public conveniences
  • 6. Replacement of missing/broken fixtures

Complaints/enquires will be attended personally by-

J.E Between 3 pm to 4 pm on all working days Tel no. 0542-2503215
S.I Everyday between 11 am to 1 pm Tel no. 0542-2503215

Kasturba road, Carriappa road, Temple road, Shakti marg, Chitnis road ( from its junction with temple road to MH road crossing ) Yadunath Marg, Burki road, Link road, Door Sanchar marg, Post office road, Dunn road, Chapel road, Mint road, Nadesar road, Station road, Sadar bazar roads.