• The citizen’s are responsible for disposal of garbage and wastages generated by them. Cantonment Board Varanasi take stringent action against the defaulting citizens under the provisions of Cantonment Act 1924.
  • No person shall in any public street or pubic place deface or write upon or otherwise mark any building, monument, post, wall, tree or other thing.
  • No citizens shall use or permit to be used as latrine or urinal any place not intended for the purpose.
  • No citizens shall let loose their animal so as to cause or negligently allow any animal to cause injury, danger, alarm or annoyance to any person.
  • No citizens shall allow their animals to stray in a public street or public place without a keeper.
  • No citizens shall deposit any building material in any public street and public place.
  • No citizen shall tether or milk any animals or cause or permit the same to be tethered or milked in any public street or any public place.
  • No citizen shall place or deposit upon any street or public place etc. Anything that cause obstruction or encroachment.
  • No person shall without previous disinfection will dispose of any article or thing exposed to contamination by any dangerous disease.
  • The citizen will not litter the public streets, parks public places and unoccupied land, urinate, defecate in public places, throw garbage in public places except in garbage bins so provided.
  • It is the responsibility of the citizen to deposit the waste collected in their own receptacles at Cantonment Board dust bins, responsibility or owner to have their own premises swept and cleaned.
  • The citizen will provide receptacles of self closing type within their premises for their waste collection.
  • No citizen shall place or caused to be placed in a dustbin any matter, which has been exposed to infection from a dangerous disease.
  • No person shall use or permit to be used their premises for any trade which is dangerous to life, property or likely to create a nuisance.
  • No citizen shall allow from their premises the water of any sink, drain, latrine or urinal to run down on any street or into any drain.


Cleaning of roads and streets Monday to Saturday 6 AM to 11 AM and 2 PM to 5 PM in respect of all areas. Skeleton services on Sundays
  Night cleaning in case of emergency
Collection and removal of garbage from Cantonment rubbish bins Everyday between 6 AM to 2 PM
Collection/removal of garbage on receipt of complaints of non lifting Within 03 hours of complaint

Circle No. 1

(Phone No. 2503215), Jurisdiction :- Sadar bazar area, Cantt. General Hospital, Cantt. Board Boys Primary School, Junior High School, Dak Bungalow

Circle No. 2

(Phone No. 2503215), Jurisdiction :- Cantt. Board office upto Nadesar (Cantt. limit), B.No. 68 to Cariappa park, Station road upto Mint house,Sharda Motor Training upto Qtr.No. 16-AB, Varuna Bridge, Nathu Singh Road upto B.No. 4, Burki road upto Mint house, Temple road upto Officer’s Mess, Blacker road upto firing range, Girls Primary School, Lakra Gudam (AGE Residence)

Circle No. 3

(Phone No. 2503215), Jurisdiction :- Army area, Family lines, Duty Coy.,ASC supply, MES colony, Airforce, Officer’s Mess, Officers colony,Military Hospital, Filora lines, Kali Paltan, Station Headquarters, Audit Colony, Kendriya Vidalaya.

Health care delivery system

We assure health care facilities to our employees and citizens working/residing in our jurisdiction.


Round the clock

Indoor treatment

Round the clock


8 AM to 1 PM & 4.30 PM to 5.30 PM


8 AM to 11 AM

Specialist service

Neuro (Monday) Dentist (Tuesday) Orthopedics (Friday)

Eye specialist (Thursday) Physiotheraphy (Monday, Wednesday & Friday)

Maternity and child welfare centers

Working hours- Monday to Saturday between 8 AM to 1 PM and 4.30 PM to 5.30 PM

Admission facilities

Cantonment General Hospital

Family planning center

Cantonment General Hospital

Birth and death registration

Cantonment Board office, B.No. 22, Varanasi Cantt.


10 AM to 5 PM. Certificate will be issued within 07 days after due verificatin

Medical fitness certificate/ inoculation certificate

Issued within 72 hours of Medical checkup/inoculation

License for water trolleys, ice cream trolleys, food vendors, catering vans, food carts, eating establishments.

1. Prescribed application forms are available at Cantonment Board office between 10 AM to 5 PM at any working day.

2. Form duly filled with all required papers should be submitted in person to Licensing section Cantonment Board.

3. Deficiencies in application/establishment will be communicated if any, after inspection by Sanitary Inspector/SEMO, M.H.

4. Deposition of fee is permitted when license has been granted/renewed for the current year.

5. License is issued when the fee is deposited in the Cantt. Fund Account under intimation to the concerned person.

Other services

School health services

All Cantt. Board Schools

Removal of dead animals

Cantonment Board Office Phone No. 2503215

Stray dogs

Cantonment Board Office Phone No. 2503215

Anti Malaria operations

Cantonment Board Office Phone No. 2503215