The Cantt. Board deals with removal of unauthorized encroachment on Govt./ Defence land in its area. In addition to this, hoardings, banners, stray cattle’s and unauthorized parked vehicles on Govt./ Defence land are also removed.

Approval for banners, posters etc. for temporary functions Not allowed in Cantt. area
Allotment of space for Hoardings for eleven months On application to [email protected] Rs 50/- per sq. ft. Allotment is at the discretion of the Board.
Allotment of parking lot for eleven months After the auction is approved by Cantt. Board or STR basis
Removal of encroachments Encroachment by unauthorized offenders will be removed immediately
Other encroachment of pucca nature after following the laid down procedure
Allotment made as rehabilitation means on daily license fees (Tahbazari) are regulated as per Cantt. Act 2006 They are asked to paint the kiosks/shops/stalls/ rickshaw in a prescribed colour
Parking zones Parking zones/lots have been identified. Vehicles parked other than these areas are liable to be removed
Unauthorized parked vehicles Unauthorised vehicles on Govt. defence land/ward will be removed
Sanitation It is expected from shopkeepers /residents to keep dust bins.
Fine up to Rs. 500/- be Imposed for creating insanitation or creating nuisance in Cantt. area
Polythene There is plan to ban use of polythene in Cantt. area
Liquor/drug Sale of spirited liquor and intoxiceing drug is banned in Cantt. area

Stray cattle are banned in Cantonment area. No one is permitted to keep cattle in the Cantonment area without prior written permission from the Cantonment Board. General public may bring it to the notice of Cantonment Board if someone is keeping animals in their houses/bungalows/premises unauthorisedly giving the names of owners of cattle, their premises with name of the road/street and locality. Such persons keeping cattle unauthorisedly are liable for prosecution under relevant provisions of Cantt. Act 2006 and Byelaws made there under.

Stray cattle catching squad of Cantonment Board is empowered to impound the animals in the cattle pound situated in Sadar Bazar.

  • Cattle pound fine for the cattle impounded in the cattle pound - Rs. 350/- per day
  • Feeding charges for small cattle (goat etc)- Rs. 10/- per day
  • Feeding charges for big cattle ( cow, horse, buffalo etc.) - Rs. 25/- per day
  • Rs. 25/- composition fee for 24 hours extra.

Visitors entering in restricted/security area are liable to be checked. It is therefore requested from the visitors entering the restricted/security area to show and establish an identity.