Any erection or re-erection/construction be carried out strictly in accordance with the sanctioned plans, any unauthorized construction disregard of the sanctioned plan or infringement to section 248 of the Cantt. Act 2006 are liable to be sealed/demolished under the provisions of P.P.E. Act 1971/Cantonments Act 2006. Persons purchasing or taking such properties on hire will be doing the same at their own risk
  • (i) Every person who intends to erect a building that is to say :-
    • Makes any material alteration or enlargement of any building.
    • Converts into a place for human habitation any building not originally constructed for that purpose.
    • Converts into more than one place for human habitation a building originally constructed as one such place.
    • Converts two or more place of human habitation into a greater number of such places.
    • Converts into a stable, cattle shed or cow house any building originally constructed for human habitation.
    • Converts into a dispensary, stall, shop, warehouse, godown, factory or garage any building constructed for human habitation.
    • Makes any alteration which there is reason to believe is likely to effect prejudicially the stability or safety of any building or the condition of any building in respect of drainage, sanitation or hygiene.
    • Makes any alteration to any building which increases or diminished the height of or area covered by or the cubic capacity of the building or which reduces the cubic capacity of any room in the building below the minimum prescribed by the any byelaw made under this Act.
Shall apply for sanction by giving notice in writing of his intention to the CEO in such terms and containing such information as may be prescribed by Cantt. Act 2006 and bye laws made on this behalf.
  • (ii) Every such notice shall be accompanied by such documents and plan as may be so prescribed.

Failure to given notice of intention to erect a building is liable a fine which, may extend to Rs. 50000/- and the cost of sealing the illegal construction and its demolition under section 247 of Cantt. Act 2006.


All enquiries including advise on deficiencies in applications/documents will be attended across the table by Cantt. Board Junior Engineer

On all working days between 12 noon to 1 PM
Building notice form will be supplied at cash counter of Cantt. Board by Storekeeper on payment On all working days between 12 noon to 1 PM
Payment of fees/other charges will be received At cash counter of Cantt. Board between 10 AM to 2 PM on all working days
Decision on application for sanction of building plan will be communicated within 30 days
Decision on re-valuation of plans will be communicated within 30 days

Any person who intends to construct, re-construct, makes alterations or additions should apply to the CEO, Cantt. Board on prescribed application form which can be purchased from the Storekeeper of Cantt. Board. Building notice form costing Rs. 10/- each.

A. Who can apply

HOR’s of the house/quarter/bungalow, Power of Attorney holder. Lessee.

B. Type of building proposals accepted

New construction on free hold plots, additions/alterations in existing/old buildings and re-construction after demolition of part or entire building subject to fulfillment of terms and conditions of Revised land policy of 1995 and building byelaws of Cantt. Board Varanasi.

C. Documents

Application for building permission should be accompanied by :-

(a) Ownership documents, lease deed with lease plan/ mutation letter from Cantt. Board

(b) NOC from competent authority in case there is any deviation from the terms and conditions of lease deed/ownership documents.

(c) Annexure-A (duly filled) to the Revised Land Policy 1995 clearly accepting the Govt. title over the land.

D. Sets & Plans 

All sets of plans should be signed by registered Architect and HOR’s, giving full name, address and telephone number. At least one set should be cloth mounted.

Normally two sets of plans for civil area and three sets of plans for bungalow area drawn to a scale not less than 8 feet to the inch are required to be submitted alongwith building notice and application form.

Each such notice shall also be accompanied by the site plan on a scale not less than 110 feet to the inch showing the prescribed situation of the building.


Cost of building notice form Rs. 50/- each
Plan submission/processing fee for sanctioning of plans for repair of houses in civil area/bazar area Rs. 100/-
Processing fee for repairs of bungalows in civil area and houses/bungalows outside civil area Rs. 1000/-
Plan submission/processing fee for sanctioning of plans for fresh construction or re-erection within civil area Rs. 1000/-
Plan submission/processing fee for sanctioning of plans for fresh construction re-erection outside civil area (including bungalows in civil area) Rs. 20,000/- or 3% of the construction cost which ever is higher
Stacking charges Rs. 4/- per 100 sqmtr. per day

How to Deposit Fees/Other Charges 

Deposit the amount by cash between 10 AM to 1 PM at cash counter of Cantt. Board office.

Clarification /Removal of Doubts/ Grievances Redressal 

Meet CEO/JE between 3 PM to 4 PM every Tuesday and Friday